Monday, 19 June 2017

What is Abscess Tooth?

Even though adequate articles are not available on the topic of abscess tooth, the significance of the problem cannot be denied. According to the experts, if it is not treated for a certain period of time, it may lead to the death of the patients. The point is not to scare the readers, but to caution them because abscess tooth can be cured. However, if it gets infected or you focus more on the teeth whitening kit, the tooth can get infected and spread in other areas.

Before getting into the causes and symptoms of the abscess, it is necessary to understand what the definition of the abscessed tooth is, as it may be a new term for some. To put simply, it is a kind of an infection that may appear on the root of the teeth. Some patient can develop it between the gums or tooth as well. This means that if you notice it in the mouth, it is best to get it treated from the dentist. As far as the main causes of the abscess are concerned, one can say that tooth decay is the most common one. Similarly, an accident or trauma can induce the condition in addition to various kinds of dental infections. If you have broken teeth or chipped, it may become a cause of the abscess. If you have abscess tooth, you can see the symptoms of a fever in addition to a toothache. Bad breath is another indication of the same problem, but it is a symptom of multiple dental issues. If you experience change in taste of food, it could mean that you have the abscess infection.

The main point of mentioning main causes and symptoms of the abscess is to underline the fact that it requires your attention. The untreated condition can turn the tooth infection into complex problems for you in the long-term. This means that going to the dentist for consultation is the best approach rather than waiting for it to get worst or trying the option of DIYs. If you cannot find the dentist, you can go to another so that your checkup will not get delayed. For instance, there are some dentists who can see you on the basis of the emergency or nature of the problem. Likewise, some of the specialists will provide dental services 24 hours; you can reach out to them via phone or the internet. The procedure is simple, you have to locate the area your dentist reside in first and then book and appointment.

It is important to know that once you find the dentist, try to get the infection treated because if you neglect it or do not explain all the symptoms to the experts, you may not get the right treatment or it can get pending. In the same way, in some of the extreme cases, the patients may need root canal treatment due to the expansion of the infection in the mouth. In the case of pain, Advil or other medication can be recommended to relieve the sensation.

If you have injured the mouth or your profession involves physical exertion, you may develop an injury or damage the teeth. Therefore, if you have observed a swelling in the mouth filled with pus, it should be taken seriously, especially if the fluid is not coming out of the sac on its own. In other words, an abscess can be called as the coating around the infected area, as the body reacts to an infection in form of forming a barrier. The abscess can develop immediately after you get an infection. Hence, you should take the measures to control in right away.

Broadly speaking, there are two types of the abscess. One is related to the gum, it is present near the area of gum and the teeth. This infection can get worst as the result of the trapped food particles near the gums or tooth. Therefore, the bacterial activity increases and it can damage the bone. The second type of abscess is tooth based, as it occurs in the area of the tooth, for instance, if the tooth nerve is damaged, the abscess can grow at the tip of the tooth. If the infection goes unnoticed, it can spread to the other parts of the tooth. The patients may feel pain and if you continue to feel uneasy, do not hesitate to get it checked.

Some of the cases show that a hollow passage can form, which may allow the pus to drain through the tooth or bone, it is called fistula or sinus tract by some experts. This can be seen in form of a pimple inside the mouth. In order to determine if the abscess has been drained, you may pay attention to the taste changes in the mouth, for instance, if it gets drained internally, you may experience odd taste in the mouth. This may sound gross to you, but if the pressure is released via the fistula, the pain can go away in addition to getting rid of the abscess.

One of the untreated cases of abscess can lead the patient to develop a cyst in the jaw bone. It is mostly filled with fluid or germs. This means that it may indicate that the damaged tooth cannot be restored. So the dentist may have to take it out in addition to root canal treatment. If the cyst is taking the time to heal, your dentist has the option of doing the surgery to clear the area from germs.

Precautionary Steps

In other words, an abscess is a serious condition, as it can spread to other parts of the mouth. The first response should be to call the dentist and book an appointment for a detailed examination.  The second step is to clean the mouth so that the swelling can be contained and salt-water can prove effective. The idea is to reduce the buildup of the pressure and clean the mouth. Once you see the dentist, he/she will clean the mouth to safeguard the teeth.

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